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Our web app offers markers accross the Hunter Valley to assist connecting our users to a more accessible city.

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Value, Vision, Mission

An accessible city for Everyone

Accessibility in the City was founded in 2016 when it was identified there was a need in the market to better support those with accessibility issues and assist by providing a mapping and navigation tool.

The goal is for all to be empowered, able to easily pre-plan, navigate on the move and make decisions that will best allow them to access the community in which they live or seek to venture in. It was identified that people with accessibility issues could feel vulnerable and anxious when going to a new location and like to seek knowledge on their surroundings.

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Awesome Features

Accurate Markers

Markers are updated and reviewed for accuracy to ensure compliance.

Route Planning

Enter your current location and destination and plan an accessible route.

Gradient Mapping

View a heatmap to see gradient hotspots to avoid.

Current Location

Use your current location to load the map that best suits your needs.

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  • View the Map
  • Review Buisness Information



Per month

  • View the Map
  • Review Buisness Information
  • Route Planning
  • Gradient Mapping
  • Favourite Location



Per month

  • Place Markers
  • Create Company Users
  • Public Accessibility Profile
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