Singularity U - Impact 1B Bootcamp


What an inspiring, rewarding and productive weekend pitching with Singularity University, Ignite Alliance and UtopiaX at the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship for the Impact 1B Bootcamp.

We had some extremely talented founders pitching from Newcastle including Sahil from Elite Robotics and Declan from BU Coaching.

Sessions through the event ranged from Moonshot and Mastermind, Building the Blocks of your Deck and the Art of the Pitch. With mentors and presenters with a broad range of businesses experience from all over the world it was a truly humbling experience to even be the in room.

I won’t be attending the final this year unfortunately, but all the best to the finalists pitching in Melbourne on the 6th of March. You will be (and already are) making an incredible difference to the lives of people all over the planet, no matter the victor!